Thursday, April 2, 2020

How to install Terraform on Mac OS - TerraForm Installation Steps on Apple Mac OS

Terraform is used for provisioning infrastructure on Cloud. You don't need to create manually any resource in AWS. Please find steps for installing Terraform on Apple machine or laptop.

Create a working directory
sudo mkdir -p /opt/terraform

cd /opt/terraform

Download Terraform from Hasicorp website
Please go to

Download Terraform installable zip file for MacOS

sudo curl -O

Now unzip the above file by executing below command:

sudo unzip
after you unzip, you should see terraform file as shown above.

Add terraform to PATH
Execute below command to edit bash profile. Go to home directory.
cd ~
sudo vi ~/.bash_profile

Go all the way to end of the file. Add below lines as shown in screenshot below:
export PATH

Execute the file
source ~/.bash_profile

Now make sure terraform is available from anywhere to execute.

terraform --version
Terraform v1.6.2

That's it! You have successfully installed Terraform on Mac OS. 
You can also watch the steps in my YouTube channel as well.

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