Friday, April 3, 2020

How to install Ansible on Mac OS | Ansible Installation Steps on Apple Mac OS

Ansible is one of the popular configuration management tools. Ansible can also be used for infrastructure provisioning as well in AWS. Please find steps for installing Ansible on Apple Mac OS or laptop.

Ansible can be installed on Mac OS many ways, but preferred way is using pip which is a Python package manager.

Install Pip

If pip isn’t already available on your system of Python, run the following commands to install it:
curl -o

sudo python3 --user
pip3 --version

Install Ansible using Pip

sudo pip3 install ansible --user
Once Ansible is installed, you can verify the version.

ansible --version
You should be able to see the version.

ansible 2.10.5

Install Boto framework
pip3 install boto --user
pip3 install boto3 --user
Create Ansible hosts file
when you install Ansible on Mac OS, it does not create ansible hosts file. so you need to create it.
sudo mkdir /etc/ansible

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