Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Ansible playbook for Tomcat Installation on Ubuntu 18.0.4/20.0.4 | Ansible Tomcat Playbook on Ubuntu 18.0.4/20.0.4

Ansible Playbook for installing Tomcat 9 on Ubuntu 18.0.4

sudo vi installTomcat.yml
- hosts: My_Group
    - name: Task # 1 Update APT package manager repositories cache
      become: true
        update_cache: yes
    - name: Task # 2 - Install Tomcat using Ansible
      become: yes
        name: "{{ packages }}"
        state: present
           - tomcat9
           - tomcat9-examples
           - tomcat9-docs

sudo ansible-playbook installTomcat.yml
This is the execution result of Ansible playbook.

Now access Tomcat on port 8080 in the target machine where you have installed it.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Online DevOps Coaching on AWS and Azure Cloud by Coach AK | Dec 2023 Schedule

Are you in IT? Tired of your work? Are you not able to make any good progress in your career? 

Are you not having a job? Looking for a break in IT? Are you interested in learning DevOps? 
Did you get laid off from your previous job due to Covid-19
If the answer is YES to all the above questions, You are in the right place to kick start your career in DevOps. DevOps is one of the top and hot IT skills right now. Currently almost all the employers are struggling to get right resources in their teams who can do the DevOps and automation work..You could be that person by attending this coaching program.

DevOps Coaching Classes schedules - Dec 2023(Holidays discounts are available, talk to Coach AK)
Dec 11th6:00 to 8:00 PM CSTWeekdaysMondays/Wednesdays    
Dec 9th09:45 AM CST to 11:35 AM CST on Saturdays
10:30 AM CST to 12:30 PM CST on Sundays    

DevOps Coaching Highlights:

- Comprehensive hands on knowledge on Git, Jenkins, Maven, SonarQube, Nexus, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, AWS IAM, ECR, Docker registry on AWS and Azure cloud platforms.

- Coach is having about 22+ yrs of professional IT experience, 9+ Yrs in DevOps/Cloud/Automation.

- Many students already got placed in reputed companies from this coaching program successfully.

- Working as a Sr.DevOps Coach/Architect in a one of the top IT services companies in USA.

- Unique program...less theory, more hands on lab exercises
Resume preparation will be done with candidates personally.

One-to-one Interview coaching.

- Coaching is purely hands on with 101% job relevant.

100% Job assistance.

- Coached about 1600+ students successfully for past five years and many of my students got placed with many large enterprises in DFW, Charlotte, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Florida, Seattle, Bay area, Ohio, NJ and NY areas..

To join DevOps Coaching classes, contact coach AK below:

Contact no # : +1(469)733-5248
Email id: devops.coaching@gmail.com
Contact: Coach AK