Wednesday, March 4, 2020

What is Tomcat | Why we need Tomcat Container?

What is Tomcat | Why we need Tomcat Container?
  • Apache Tomcat is a open source java based web server
  • It is also a web container for deploying Java based web applications - Java servlets and JSPs
  • It is one of mostly used web servers for hosting java web applications. 
Web application (or webapp) unlike standalone application, runs over the Internet. Examples of webapps are google, amazon, facebook and twitter.

Apache Tomcat is usually used as a Servlet Container even though Tomcat has a fully functional HTTP Server to serve static content. In most of production, Tomcat is used in conjunction with Apache HTTP Server where Apache HTTP Server attends static content like html, images etc., and forwards the requests for dynamic content to Tomcat. This is because Apache HTTP Server supports more advanced options than that of Tomcat.

Tomcat is both Web server and web container

Generally, a program that accepts incoming HTTP connections is called a web serverIn that case apache tomcat is a web server as it supports HTTP protocol and it is also a web container as it supports Java server pages (JSP)/servlet,Application programming interfaces(APIs) as well. 

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