Friday, February 21, 2020

How to configure Nexus 3 as Docker private Registry | How to configure Docker private Registry in Nexus 3

Nexus 3 is one of the popular binary repository managers. It can be also used to store Docker images as well besides storing binaries such as WARs, EARs, Jars, DLLs and EXE files.

Let us see how to configure Nexus 3 to host as Docker registry.

Steps to configure Nexus 3 as Docker Registry:

1. Login to Nexus and click on Server Administration link at the top of the window. Click on Repositories.

2. Now click on create repository

3. Choose docker hosted repository

4. Choose the value as mentioned:

5. Click on Create repository.

Configure Realm
6. Go to Security. Click on Realms

Move Docker Bearer Token realm to right by clicking on >

This settings allows docker repository to have anonymous read enabled.

7. after moving save it.

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