Thursday, September 19, 2019

Setup SSH Keys in BitBucket & Setup Java Web App in BitBucket

We will see how to setup Java Web App using Maven in BitBucket and also how to setup SSH keys in Bitbucket.

If you don't have an bitbucket account, You need to create an account in
Implementation steps:

1. after login into bitbucket, click on + and Click on Create Repository

2. enter the repo name as MyBitbucketRepo, make sure it is private, Include read me option - choose yes with template. Click Git as version control system.
3. Click on create repository.
4. now click on your avatar (left bottom of the screen, BitBucket settings-> security--> ssh keys

5. now go to your laptop, open git bash for windows laptop or iTerm (for iMac laptop) and connect to Jenkins EC2 instance using Git bash. How to connect, refer this url -
6. Now type  ssh-keygen (and then simply enter four times, do not give any password)

7. copy the content of public key executing below command in Gitbash.

sudo cat ~/.ssh/

8. go to click on Add key from step # 3,  and paste the content of public key. give some name as mySSH key. click on Add key.
9. Now click on repo you created in step # 1. Click on Clone and copy the SSH url. Do not select HTTPS Url. The url will be from your repo you created under Clone link. 
10. go back to Gitbash  windows connected to Jenkins EC2, execute the below command. Paste the SSH url you copied above.

git clone <ssh_url_from_bitbucket_repo_you_created>

   11. Now after cloning, type ls -al command
12. It will show a folder with repo name..
13. navigate to repo folder by below command:
    cd mybitbucketrepo
14. use below command to create Java project using Maven. Maven is the build for creating and building java projects.
mvn archetype:generate -DgroupId=com.mkyong -DartifactId=MyWebApp -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-webapp -DinteractiveMode=false
15. type ls -al to see the new folder called MyWebApp
   16. type  below command to see the newly created project
git status

17. git add  *

18. Perform below command to commit the changes to local repository first.

git commit -m "my first project check-in to bitbucket"
19. Now perform below command to push from local repository to remote repository.

git push
Please watch here for live demo:

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