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How to Enable to use the classic editor to create a pipeline without YAML in Azure DevOps | Enable Classic Pipeline Option in Azure DevOps

How to Enable to use classic editor to create a pipeline without YAML in Azure DevOps ?

The "classic pipeline" is simply a term that refers to a simple way of creating pipelines in Azure DevOps using UI. The purpose of this web forms based assistant is basically to hide the complexity of the pipeline’s YAML based syntax. In other words, user can create pipelines without having to deal with “code”. 

If classic editor option is disabled in Azure DevOps, you may see something like below in your Azure DevOps project. We can enable it by changing the settings at project or organizational level.

How to enable the classic build and release pipelines?

You can enable/disable it two ways
  • Organizational level
  • Project Level

In Azure DevOps,  Go to Project Settings, Under Pipelines > Settings > General. Make sure 'Disable creation of classic build pipelines' and 'Disable creation of classic release pipelines' is turned off, to have classic editor shown after creating a project.

If those options are disabled, go to organizational level and do the same in 'Organization Settings'.

Select Pipelines --> Settings

Finally disable the options highlighted in the image below
when you go try creating a new pipeline, you should see the option now.

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