Saturday, January 18, 2020

How to create Ubuntu 16.0.4 Virtual Machine (VM) in Azure? Create Ubuntu Virtual Machine in Azure and Connect using SSH keys from locally into Azure Virtual Machine

How to Create a Virtual Machine in Azure Cloud?

Creating Virtual Machine in Azure is easy and straight forward. Let us see how to do that in Azure Portal.

Steps to create a Virtual Machine in Azure 

1. Login to Azure portal, go to
2. Click on Virtal Machines.

3. Now enter the details as below or give values per what your subscription(Free Subscription) and requirements:

You can choose Ubuntu 16.0.4 or 18.0.4 from the drop down from Image drop down. Create new resource group as any name.

4. Also enter username as azure (make sure your key has this name and copy content of ssh keys

5. Once done, click on Review + create

6. Download SSH keys by clicking on Download private key and create resource. You should download keys locally.
7. Once created, Click on virtual machines. It may take more than a couple of mins to create the VM.
8. you should see a message like this, download is complete.
9. Click on Home--> Click on Virtual machine

9. Now select that instance, click on connect

10. Now enter the value as it shows below in your local terminal. You can use Git bash in Windows or iTerm in Apple laptop.

go into downloads directory:

cd downloads
chmod 400 myAzureVM_key.pem
11. ssh -i myAzureVM_key.pem AzureUser@your_azure_ip_address

12. Now it should show you that you are connected to Azure.

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