Monday, March 18, 2019

Top 10 Linux commands - Basic Linux commands

If you are new to Linux, you should start getting familiar with Linux commands. Let us take a look at top 10 commands.

1. ls

ls command will list all the files in the directory.

2. cp
cp command will copy the files from source to dest folder

3. mv
mv command will copy the files from source to dest folder
4. rm

rm command will remove file from file system.

5. cd

cd command changes the directory

6. mkdir

mkdir creates new directory.

7. cat

cat command displays the content of a file

8. sudo 

Every single command that needs root's permission, need this sudo command. You can use sudo before each command that requires root permissions -
9. grep
You need to find a file but you don't remember its exact location or the path. grep will help you to solve this problem. You can use the grep command to help finding the file based on given keywords. 

10. poweroff

poweroff command is used to poweroff directly from terminal.


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