Sunday, January 20, 2019

How to add SSH keys into Bitbucket from your machine? - Create SSH keys and upload into BitBucket

Let us see how to create SSH keys in your machine and upload into Bitbucket so that you can start checking code into Bitbucket.


Git installed on your machine by downloading from the below URL:

1. First create SSH keys by entering the below command.
(and then simply enter four times, do not give any password)

2. the above command should create two keys - public keys and private keys.
copy the content of public key executing below command in Gitbash.
sudo cat ~/.ssh/

3. Now go to
4. now click on your avatar (left bottom of the screen, and BitBucket settings-> security--> ssh keys
5. go to click on Add key,  and paste the content of public key. give some name as mySSH key. click on Add key.
6. Now click on repo you would like to check in or make code changes. Click on Clone and copy the SSH url. Do not select HTTPS Url. The url will be from your repo you created under Clone link.  

git clone <ssh_url_from_bitbucket_repo_you_created>  

7. That should create a folder in your machine. type ls -al
8. cd into repo name
9. Make code changes now


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