Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How to push a code change into Bitbucket remote repository? - Code push into Bitbucket using Git bash

Let us see how to push a code change using Git bash or iTerm on your local machine into bitbucket.

After configuring a freestyle job or pipeline using Jenkins for building and deployment, you would like to make a code change to make sure Jenkins have started automated builds/deployments.

SSH keys set up and uploaded into Bitbucket.

Implementation steps:
1. Go to bitbucket, select repository which you already have setup MyWebApp.
If you already cloned, move to step # 6.
2. Click on clone
3. copy SSH clone url
4. go to git bash window
5. paste the url and enter
git clone
6. cd repo_name

change repo_name per your name of the repo you created in Bitbucket
7. cd MyWebApp/src/main/webapp
8. sudo vi index.jsp

Change Hello world into below yellow highlighted:
<h2>Howdy Folks !!! Welcome to DevOps!</h2>

9. press escape, enter :wq!
10. git add index.jsp
11. git commit -m "made change to jsp"
12. git push

Now refresh the browser and click on Source to see code changes you made in your git bash window.

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