Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to integrate SonarQube in Azure DevOps - Setup SonarQube code analysis in VSTS or Azure DevOps

Please find steps below for integrating SonarQube with Azure DevOps or Visual Studio Team Services:

1. Make sure you install SonarQube plug-in/Add-on in VSTS (Azure DevOps) using below URL:

Once added SonarQube plug-in, click on proceed to Organization..

1. Login to Azure DevOps. Go to Azure Pipelines. Edit your pipeline

2. Click on Add tasks
3. Enter Sonar

4. Add Prepare Analysis configuration
5. move up this task.
It should be like shown below:

6. Edit prepare sonar analysis configuration task

7. Click on New service connection

 8. Enter name as mySonarServer and put in SonarQube url including port number and use the token generated

9. Choose that name and select Integrate with Maven or Gradle

10. Edit maven task and add clean install sonar:sonar

11. Run the build, it should integrate with Sonar and should do code analysis.

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